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The Family Resource Network has been awarded $10,000 by The Community Foundation of Otsego County to update their Electronic Clinical Records system to be able to better serve families in our community.

 [Oneonta, NY] The Family Resource Network (FRN) was recently selected by The Community Foundation of Otsego County to receive funding as part of their 2021-2022 Award Cycle.  The agency was in need of new software to better suit our reporting, record keeping and billing requirements.  An efficient Electronic Clinical Records (ECR) system is a vital part of our operations and being able to effectively serve our clients as well as report to the agency’s funders. The money received from the Community Foundation of Otsego County covered a large portion of the startup costs of implementing the new system.  With this support FRN has been able to begin transitioning to a new system that will help ensure the agency’s sustainability into the future. “FRN provides much needed services for our Otsego County friends and neighbors, and the Community Foundation of Otsego County is glad we can support addressing the needs of FRN’s clients through this award,” said CFOC Executive Director Jeff Katz.

FRN is one of the only agencies providing Family Peer Advocacy services through Children and Family Treatment and Support Services (CFTSS) in Otsego County.  CFTSS helps children and youth with mental health and substance use needs. CFTSS work with each child/youth to provide care in a way that works best for them and their families.  The viability and sustainability of our program now that these services are transitioning from being grant funded to being Medicaid billable, depends on the agency having a reliable and efficient ECR system to make sure that we are accurately capturing the services provided and getting paid accordingly. With the new program, FRN’s Medicaid billing process will become more efficient and less time will be spent on reports that are automatically generated through the ECR.  The reports that will be generated by the new ECR will not only benefit FRN but will be able to collect data that will be valuable to Otsego County.

The Family Resource Network has grown and changed since its official incorporation in 1994 to best meet the needs of the communities and families we serve.  What began as a small group of parent volunteers has now expanded to include 12 full-time employees.  FRN provides support to families and youth through education advocacy, family trainings, workshops and conferences on disability related topics, parent support groups, and a social skills program for families raising a loved one with developmental disabilities.   In addition, FRN has credentialed Family Peer Advocates who strive to empower families to make informed decisions regarding the nature of supports for themselves and their children. FPAs explore the needs and preferences of the family to assist in locating relevant and appropriate resources, services and supports available in their community, sharing information about these resources as well as helping parents coordinate their children’s cross system services. FRN staff support and advocate for youth and families in school, mental health services, and other child-serving systems.

The Family Resource Network would like to express our sincere gratitude to The Community Foundation of Otsego County for funding an updated and improved ECR system for the agency.  The longevity of FRN services in Otsego County will be greatly extended with this support.  We are aware that many local non-profits benefit from grant support and local funding of this nature and are honored to be chosen by the Community Foundation of Otsego County to receive an award from the 2021-2022 Award Cycle.

“The Family Resource Network is very proud of our long history of providing support to the families of individuals with special needs in our community.  We are very appreciative of the Community Foundation of Otsego County for recognizing the value of the work that we do and for the award of $10,000 towards the purchase of a new Electronic Clinical Record for our agency.  This purchase allows us to be able to provide the necessary records and documentation for our families and funders.  We look forward to continuing to be a resource for our Otsego County neighbors.” FRN Executive Director, Michelle Zuk

For more information about the services, programs and events offered through the Family Resource Network please visit our website at or call our office at 607-432-0001.  To learn more about the Community Foundation of Otsego County you can go to their website at  You can also contact the foundation via email at [email protected], or reaching out to their Executive Director, Jeff Katz, at 607-286-3750.


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